Fulcrum Training Programs

Flexible Fitness Options That Motivate And Energize.

Fulcrum offers three fun ways to train — small group, one-on-one, and boot camp — to meet your specific fitness goals. Each of these programs combines the support of our member community with the personalized attention of a dedicated trainer.

Small Group Personal Training

Our most popular fitness program, Fulcrum small group personal training combines the camaraderie and energy of boot camp with the focused attention and customization of personal training. Fulcrum small group training sessions are limited to a maximum of four people, making it a more social alternative to one-on-one training. As an added bonus, clients enrolled in small group training also get full access to boot camp sessions.

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Boot Camps

Fulcrum boot camps are high-energy group workouts built on a thoughtful and systematic training system we call the Fulcrum Matrix. The Matrix utilizes a mix of training exercises that target different body systems to improve balance, agility, strength, and flexibility. The Fulcrum Matrix guarantees you’ll get the life-changing benefits of an intense, varied workout without the risks associated with a fully randomized, unregulated system.

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One-on-One Personal Training

A 100% customized fitness program, Fulcrum one-on-one personal training is tailored to your specific fitness goal, whether it's recovering from an injury, shaving time off of a race, or simply looking to re-energize a stagnant exercise routine. One-on-one training is a great choice for clients who need personalized attention to guide them through an exercise routine. One-on-one training clients also get full access to small group training and boot camps.

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Polly M.

“Had an awesome workout yesterday thanks to Fulcrum. They really know their stuff and are super supportive of me maximizing my workout. Thanks Fulcrum!”

- Polly M.

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