Boot Camps

Get better each week through group motivation.

Fulcrum boot camps are based on the Fulcrum Matrix, our proprietary training system. More fun than any fitness class and more effective than traditional gym workouts, Fulcrum boot camps combine the personal attention of dedicated FitPros with the support of a like-minded fitness community, all in one session.

Fulcrum boot camps are ideal if you want:


An intense, varied workout without the risks associated with a fully randomized, unregulated system.


The power of positive energy from those working toward similar fitness goals.


Maximum schedule flexibility.

Stephanie S.

“Fulcrum Fitness is a community where instructors and members help to motivate each other. This place not only changed my body, it changed my life! I feel stronger and fitter now than I did in my 30s!”

- Stephanie S.

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