How to Win

Everything you need to know about the 2017 Fulcrum Fit Life Challenge.

Contest Details


  • Contest begins April 3rd and ends May 15th, 2017.
  • Mandatory Orientations: (weigh-ins can happen here)
  • Launch Parties (weigh-ins can happen here)
    • Portland (MLK Studio): Monday April 3rd at 8pm
    • Vancouver Sunday April 2nd at 11:30am
  • Grand Prize will be awarded to the individual with the most points.
  • Second Prize will be awarded to raffle winner, Grand Prize winner excluded.
  • Winners must be present at the closing party to collect prizes.
  • Points will be tallied every Sunday afternoon, and weekly winners will be announced every Monday morning. Click here for submission form:
  • Weekly Prizes will go to the most points earned that week and runner-ups as applicable.
  • Existing Fulcrum members are automatically enrolled in the contest! Weigh in before or after class from March 31st - April 4th.

There are six ways to earn points:

  1. Percentage of body fat lost
  2. Attend boot camp or small group personal training session
  3. Bring a friend to boot camp
  4. Refer a friend to the gym
  5. Social media and Myzone Challenges
  6. Attend Fulcrum Meetups (event listings in FB groups see below for links)

Here are the details:

Points applied at the end of the Challenge

  1. Body Fat % Lost

Points submitted weekly by members (by Sunday at 2pm) and applied to leaderboards at Gyms. Click here for submission form:

  1. Go to Bootcamp or Small Group Session
    • To earn these points you must sign up online prior to each class or session, AND check in on the ipad at the beginning of each class.
    • Each class = 1 point, with a maximum of 5 points per week.
  2. Bring a Guest to Boot Camp
    • Bring a guest, introduce them to the FitPro, and teach them the Fulcrum 5.
    • Arrive early to introduce your friend and give a little extra time to teach the Fulcrum 5.
    • Each individual guest = 1 point, with a maximum of 5 points per week. No extra points for repeat guests.
  3. Referrals
    • Encourage someone to join the challenge for $97.
      • Each referral = 6 points on or before April 3rd.
      • Each referral to a trial (14 or 21 day) membership = 3 points after April 3rd.
    • Encourage someone to join Fulcrum for 12 months.
      • Each referral = 12 points on or before May 15th.
      • No more than 12 points per referral.
      • For example, your friend signs up for the Challenge and earns you 6 points; then she decides to join Fulcrum before the end of the Challenge. You will get 6 more points for a total of 12 possible points for that referral.
  4. Social Media Challenges
    • Earn a maximum of 10 points per week with any combination of these activities.
      • Post a selfie in a Fulcrum shirt doing something that represents healthy living outside of the gym. Tag Fulcrum Fitness. 2 points (1x per week max)
      • Post a selfie in a Fulcrum shirt doing something that represents our community at the gym. Tag Fulcrum Fitness and your . 2 points (1x per week max)
      • Write a 3-5 sentence review on any of the applicable outlets (google, yelp, fb). 3 points. 12pt contest maximum
      • Post your Myzone results, and tag Fulcrum = 1 point per post (2x/week max)
  5. Weekly opportunities for Myzone users
    • 500 meps = 1pt
    • 750 meps = 2pts
    • 1000+ meps = 3pts
  6. To purchase a belt at a $50 discount, please click here (for Hawthorne members) and here (for MLK members) .
  7. Attend Fulcrum Meetups
    • There will be at least one opportunity per week. Each Meetup is weighted separately. Here’s what we have scheduled so far -
      • Events
      • Mt. St. Helens Climb April 29th and 30th (6pts)
      • Inflatable Race May 6th (4pts)
      • Hamilton Trail hike May 13th (3pts)
      • Seminars
        • Megan Abernathy, Sports Nutrition Supplementation, 4/5 7:30pm Hawthorne
        • Tim Saruk, DC, How Important Is Your Posture? 4/11 7:30pm
        • Tim Saruk, DC,Preventing Injuries, 4/18 7:30pm and 4/23 1:15 at MLK
        • Cecilia M. Villalon, NTP, Rest & Digest: Why this is vital to your overall well-being, 04/23 1:15pm Hawthorne
        • Tim Saruk, DC Self Care Strategies, 4/25 at 7:30pm and 4/30 at 1:15pm at MLK
        • Mark Edgar, Introduction to the Barbell Back Squat 5/07 1:15pm MLK

Additional Meetups will be posted on the Fulcrum Members Facebook pages for each location.

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