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By committing to the 21-Day Fulcrum Experience, you get:

1 Body Diagnostic Session

A one-hour personal assessment with a Fulcrum trainer to set your fitness goals, discuss your fitness and nutrition plan, and ensure you're using proper form.

The Body Diagnostic session includes:

  • Goal assessment and setting
  • Medical and health history review
  • Nutrition planning
  • Grey Cook functional movement screen

Unlimited Small Group Personal Training Sessions

Small group personal training combines the high energy motivation of boot camp with the specialized attention of one-on-one training. The relationships you build with your trainers and peers will keep you motivated and the results you see will keep you coming back.

Small group personal training includes:

  • A fitness routine designed to meet your specific goals
  • A trainer dedicated to ensuring your workouts are safe and effective
  • The motivation and support of a group environment

Unlimited Boot Camp Sessions

The 21-Day Fulcrum experience also includes three full weeks of unlimited boot camp! With sessions available first thing in the morning to later in the evening, you’ll never struggle to find a time that works for you.

Boot camp sessions include:

  • A high-energy group environment
  • A dedicated trainer ensuring proper form
  • Varied workouts to minimize injury and boredom

Personalized Nutrition Consultation

At Fulcrum, we believe that appropriate nutrition is a huge part of your success in the gym. In order to help you get the best results possible in the most realistic and sustainable way that fits your life, we're going to get you off to a great start with some expert advice.

About 10 days into your experience, you'll meet one on one with our Training Director to take a hard look at what you're eating and make sure you have all of the tools you need to be successful.

Corey C.

“It's been a blast so far! Trainers kick your butt, but in a nice, helpful butt-kicking way!*”

- Corey C.

A message from the founder:

Fulcrum Fitness was founded as an alternative to the impersonal approach of conventional big-box gyms and the hyper-competitive environment of hardcore fitness studios.

We believe that people interested in long term wellness stay healthier and remain committed to their fitness longer when they receive expert guidance and sincere support. Our experienced trainers and friendly member community give you the instruction and encouragement you need to stick to a fitness plan and achieve your goals.

We can't do it for you, but we can give you all the tools you need to succeed. You can make 2016 your healthiest year ever. I can't wait to see you in class!

- David Levy

Kerstin H.

“I've seen results from working out with this group in less than three weeks!*”

- Kerstin H.

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